More Lines Do Not Equal More Sales

The visual approach and strategy you decide on when it comes to your digital sign can have an enormous effect on your business. When used the right way, digital signs are powerful and compelling ways to help promote your brand, advertise sales or products and can really help move the revenue needle.

However, the exact inverse can be true when they’re not being used the right way. So, how can a business know when they’re using their sign the right way? At Project Content, we preach that several content “best-practices” are important when developing content that will get noticed and help burn a permanent impression into the minds of your customers and prospects.

One best-practice we consistently focus on is the practice of “less is more”. This is especially true when considering text on your sign and how many words you use to describe something.

While digital signage can be extremely effective, keep in mind that most people passing by are in cars and only have a few seconds to see and process what’s on your sign. If you have more than a few words (few being 3-4 words/slide max), most, if not all, won’t be able to process your message.

In fact, some of the most powerful and memorable messages we see and design, have less to do with the wording and more to do with an eye-catching background, maybe a certain piece of animation or effect that is applied to the design, or some other visual element that is applied to the content that keeps your interest long enough to see the accompanying text.

Too often, we see signs with nothing but text on them. Sometimes the amount of text is several lines or sentences. This is way too much and will be impossible for your audience to read. While this might seem like common sense, it’s amazing how digital sign owners aren’t using their signs the right way.

While we understand that not everyone is a design expert at the end of the day, there are tons of resources available to help you get the most out of your signage-Project Content is one of them. Remember that a great-looking background, a flashy touch of animation, and pictures in general, are always worth a thousand words. One of the many reasons Project Content was started was to give sign owners access to some of the best digital sign content available on the market.

Our team is available to assist with your digital content needs, whatever they may be. Investing in digital signage is a big decision. Let’s make sure your signs are helping reap the full financial benefit that great content can provide.

Want to increase your sign’s ROI?

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