Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School

The amount of activity that flows through your average high school these days is beyond impressive. The onset of technology, social media and other norms presents endless opportunities to inform and market what’s going on. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School found technology to be playing a crucial role in how it keeps students, parents and the community informed, and they needed a way to extend digital presence into signage.

“Our old sign was just too one-dimensional”, says Julie Valliere, Kapaun’s Marketing & Communications Manager. “We have tons of events, social media posts, student and staff recognition, plus more.”

The decision to invest in digital signage was a smart one, and Kapaun made another solid choice when they chose Project Content’s Ultimate plan as a way to manage the content strategy. The Ultimate plan provides tons of flexibility around stock content, custom content and sign management, ensuring maximum flexibility of content that changes almost daily, while delivering tremendous value at an affordable price.

“Project Content provides quality content in a timely manner with great customer service, making it worth every penny! We don’t have much time or experience to create content for our sign, so using Project Content is the perfect solution.”

At Project Content, there’s nothing we believe in more than the positive impact of creative, professional-looking content. Give us a chance to craft a unique content strategy to truly maximize the marketing potential of your digital sign investment.

Want to try out our Ultimate Plan?

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